how electric works as an integrated marketing agency

what the creative spark is all about

When choosing an agency to work with, you need to make sure it’s the right one for you and your business. The choice between an integrated marketing agency or multiple agencies with individual areas of expertise depends on your business needs. Things to consider are: What your goals for the year are, what resources you have or don’t have (and need to outsource), what services you need and most importantly if you feel fully supported by your agency.

Find out more about electric’s approach as an integrated marketing agency and how it can help you generate more business.

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open with our approach

Marketing is such a broad term and covers so many disciplines, which each have their own jargon and needs. This can be overwhelming.

We firmly believe that results should do the talking. So rather than blind anyone with technical or specialist jargon, we talk about what we’ve achieved before and how our know-how can apply to your business.

In our latest case studies, you’ll notice that we measure success based on the aim of the campaign. We have no size fits all case study and therefore no size fits all packages.

Our approach is to ensure that you as a person and your business as a unique brand will be at the heart of everything we do.

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plans based on solid research

Before we get creative, we start with fully understanding your business and your industry. Naturally, this includes taking a close look at your competitors, key influencers in the industry and what your customers are most interested in.

Once we have the full picture, we then make suggestions on how you can generate more business and grow your overall visibility in the industry.

Our marketing plans are then based on which of our services will have the most impact for you. This may be through ongoing digital marketing, a one-off campaign, or continuous branding support through design. It could also be a combination of our services.

We understand that your business is unique and this is why we create individually tailored marketing solutions.

what the creative spark means for you

Throughout our website, you’ll notice our creative spark. This is a key part of our identity as an integrated marketing agency. It connects us to our past as an innovative 3D print design agency and reminds us that future success relies on always moving forward.

As a team, we enjoy using our creativity in our roles and this enjoyment plus experience of utilising creativity for success means that you can rely on creative ideas with strategic plans behind them.

We believe that all ideas begin with a unique spark of creativity. Key for business success, on the other hand, is understanding how to best nourish this spark.

This is how you benefit from the experience and specialised skill-set of our team.

how we light up the spark

Looking at our team profile, you’ll notice a versatile group of people and skills. It’s this versatility that enables us to look at a business from multiple angles to find the best solution. As mentioned, solid research is where we begin. It’s then the team’s knowledge (earned through years worth of experience) and creative instincts, which add a unique angle to ideas. Your business and the needs of your audience remain at the heart of our idea generation.

Despite the differences amongst the team, what everyone has in common is the drive to grow the know-how and skills needed to be successful as a creative agency.

Keep an eye on our blog to get to know everyone’s areas of expertise and what topics they’re most passionate about.

a reliable integrated marketing agency by your side

If you do choose to have us support your business, you’ll notice:

Your success is our success and you can rely on an agency, which has your best interests in mind.

If this all sounds like something for you, then give us a call today on 0113 287 9900 or message us using the form below.

And for more information about our company take a look at our history.


what makes the new electric website special?

At electric, we’re passionate about great design and creative marketing ideas that deliver results.

So, it’s natural for an integrated marketing agency like us to have its own top-quality and responsive design website.

We’ve therefore given our own website a radical redesign.

Take a look around the new electric website. And find out how we can help you with your own website or any other creative projects you have coming up.

Our new site includes:

staff profiles

We’re proud of our staff members, and pride ourselves in ensuring the right people are in the right roles to offer you a great service that gets you consistent results.

But you might not be familiar with all of the team, as we’ve had a few new people join the business.

To help you get to know everyone and who’s an expert for what we’ve created a dedicated staff page.

a new page for our work

As an integrated marketing agency we offer a wide range of creative services. We’ve decided to tell you about our services a little differently on the new electric website by showing you how we’ve achieved results for our existing customers.

As when it comes to our work we believe our results should do the talking.

The case studies are a chance for you to see us in action.

We’re a versatile agency bringing the creative spark to businesses and our examples give you a clear picture of what we can achieve.

Our Work also shows how we combine skills within a single job. Rather than acting in creative isolation, we provide an integrated approach to campaigns and make sure that everything and everyone pulls together to get you the best results.

You can read all about our services in the Our Work section of our new website.

a new contact page

The new contact page gathers all of the business’ key contact options, and you can also use our interactive contact system to send us your details.

It also has a handy map so you can find us to come over for a brew and talk to us about your business.

a clean, fresh design

The electric site has received a complete visual overhaul. We’ve brightened it up, given the text extra space to breathe and added more examples of our work with plenty of stats and pictures to highlight what we can do.

We’ve also included pictures of our office and more information about our staff, giving you a better idea of who is behind the company and how we work as a team.

We hope you find this new site a great introduction to our work and creative skills.

If you’d like to get in touch, give us a call now on 0113 287 9900.

our history

we believe in results doing the talking

In 1991 the “The Electric Artwork Company” was founded, specialising in 3D design of packaging. An innovative and new approach to print design.

We combined the latest technology with our team’s design and marketing know-how, which then enabled our company to work with premier brands, such as Nestlé and Morrisons.

From the start we offered a wide range of services including product marketing, brand marketing, print design, Point of Sale (POS) designs, packaging and brochure creation.

Brian Kennedy of Electric and partners in 1991

We were able to do so, as we had a carefully selected team with different skill sets and experience. We also made sure to use marketing channels which complimented each other.

This approach led to successful campaigns, which brought ROI to clients.

never standing still

The company never stopped growing its expertise and Brian ensured the right people were in the right roles to equip the business for the future.

We moved away from our 1991 origins of a purely product marketing focus, and naturally evolved into a full service marketing agency.

Supporting clients with their email marketing, social media marketing, website design with SEO, PPC marketing and content marketing needs, while still offering our core-skills developed over years of successful campaigns.

Our own brand also evolved over the years:

We changed from the intentionally traditional ‘The Electric Artwork Company’ design to the artwork plus computer design, which was developed by an up and coming artist for us. A few years later, we opted for a playful Electric Design letter ‘e’ light bulb logo to our now dynamic ‘electric’ brand with the spark of inspiration over the letter ‘i’.

What hasn’t changed, however, is our promise to clients. We provide not only a good service, but a service that delivers results.

Intrigued by what we do? Take a look at some of our case studies in Our Work.