Christmas Marketing Roundup 2019: Part 1

They say Christmas comes earlier every year, and when it comes to marketing, that’s often true. Our marketing and digital agency in Bradford appreciates a good Christmas ad. With Christmas adverts in 2019 starting to appear, we’ll be keeping you posted on them as they pop up.

Argos and the Book of Dreams

Argos kicks things off with this exciting Christmas advert, highlighting the retailer’s Christmas gift guide. Like many Christmas adverts nowadays, it focuses more on the feelings surrounding Christmas rather than a specific product. However, it does feature an appearance from Cubby the Curious Bear—an animatronic soft toy, and one of the predicted hits of this Christmas.

The advert also benefits from a legendary song—Simple Minds’ “Don’t You”, which was of course popularised by The Breakfast Club. Argos adverts have been a mixed bag in the past, but this is definitely one of their stronger efforts.

Smyths and the Top Toys for Christmas

Irish retailers Smyths Toys have also released their latest Christmas advert. It features their mascot Oscar in a reprise of his “If I Were A Toy” performance from previous adverts. Unlike Argos, this advert highlights several specific products that kids can enjoy this Christmas.

Smyths have also released a second video highlighting some of this year’s most sought after toys. Highlights include a replica of Forky (from Toy Story 4), a twerking llama and a Lego model of Harry Potter’s Knight Bus.

This is a very safe choice for a Christmas ad, highlighting the specific things children will be after. However, we’re sure it’ll also be a highly effective one.

Aldi and the Leafy Blinders

Aldi’s shift from budget supermarket to the nation’s favourite is well-known at this point. They’re also quite savvy with their Christmas marketing; one of last year’s ads referenced Coca-Cola and The Italian Job. This year’s ads also riff on pop culture darlings, including Peaky Blinders and hit musical The Greatest Showman.

Kevin the Carrot’s latest appearance is a very welcome one. He’s been a popular part of Aldi’s Christmas adverts for a few years, with a Kevin plush toy causing some minor chaos last Christmas. Music from Robbie Williams suggests Aldi is more than willing to step up its game in the marketing arena.

Iceland and the Magic of Frozen

One of last Christmas’ biggest marketing stories came from frozen food retailer Iceland, and their controversial advert about the impact of palm oil. The advert was banned from broadcast on television because of its political nature, but that didn’t stop the ad from gaining massive popularity. However, we later learned that products with palm oil were still appearing in Iceland stores, souring some of the goodwill Iceland gained.

While Iceland are still promoting palm oil-free and vegan foods, the retailer is taking a safer approach this year—a partnership with Disney, which also promotes Frozen II.

It’s a pretty savvy partnership; Iceland still use their “Power of Frozen” message on their website, with this new message very similar in feeling. More importantly, Frozen II promises to be a massive hit this winter. The original is one of the highest-grossing animated films ever created; this sequel is a lucrative connection for a company like Iceland to make. In the wake of last year’s controversy, it’s also a highly understandable one.

These are just the first of several Christmas adverts in 2019. Look out for more advert updates on our blog over the next few weeks. You can also check out our 2018 Christmas advert roundup part 1 and part 2 to see how this year’s adverts compare.

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