Christmas Marketing Roundup 2019: Part 4—The Results

In this year’s final marketing recap, we look back at the Christmas advert 2019 results. We’ve seen a great selection of ads this year, and there are some key lessons that we can apply to all forms of marketing! Don’t forget to check out Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 of our Christmas marketing roundup to learn more about this year’s ads.

Aldi’s Amazing Show

The clear winner of 2019 is Aldi’s latest Kevin appearance. Research from Marketing Week shows the ad scored high in a number of key measures, including emotional impact and how enjoyable viewers found it. The data was gathered by asking almost 3,000 consumers their thoughts on this year’s Christmas adverts, with Aldi winning on six of the eight key measures.

So, what set Aldi apart from its competitors? We suspect it comes down to two things—the breadth of pop-culture references, and the product range Aldi’s ad hints at. The retailer has always had a reputation for low prices, and marrying that with the ad’s other elements seems to have been a huge success.

Ikea’s Fresh ‘n’ Clean Advert

Another breakout hit of 2019 is Ikea’s D Double E partnership. Ikea were already a beloved brand, but their new ad is very effective—and extremely catchy. Silencing critics is one thing Ikea won’t have to worry about, with a number of sites praising the advert.

Besides the music, what makes it so effective? Sites like Marketing Week have argued the ad taps into the feelings of dread that family Christmas visits often inspire. City A.M. also praises the ad’s originality—it sidesteps the usual trappings of the Christmas ad without losing the emotions that resonate with us. In an ad season with familiar themes, Ikea has provided a very pleasant surprise.

John Lewis Sparks Our Interest

We all knew this was coming. The John Lewis advert has turned into an event in its own right, and this year’s effort has been very popular. Its tale of an excitable dragon has inspired a raft of merchandise, and a very positive reaction online.

Yet despite its massive emotional impact, it’s not clear that John Lewis has achieved its primary goal. Marketing Week’s research suggests that John Lewis scored poorly on brand memorability; many of us like the ad, but it’s not making us turn out en masse to John Lewis or Waitrose as a result. When we consider John Lewis and Waitrose’s other business struggles, Edgar the dragon may not have been the slam dunk we expected.

Argos Brings It Back

Argos has tried a few different strategies over the years—remember the Christmas Fool?—but this year’s ad played things a bit simpler, focusing on a girl and her drummer dad.

This ad’s success plays upon nostalgia—both for its great soundtrack and its catalogue, which apparently makes its first appearance for over ten years. However, it manages to get some newer references in there, like Cubby the Curious Bear, to keep things relevant. The result is an impactful advert—one that embraces the past, but isn’t beholden to it.

Hafod Hardware’s Childish Things

While companies like Visa have embraced local businesses with their advertising, one Welsh hardware store has taken a more sincere approach to great success. Hafod Hardware’s Christmas ad was produced for £100, and won the praise of several media outlets.

The ad shows a child running his hardware store, with a few age-appropriate diversions. By the end we see him turn into an adult, with a simple message—to be a kid this Christmas.

Hafod Hardware is a little late to the ad release schedule. However, since launching on the 1st of December the ad has been viewed over 2 million times on YouTube. Like Anzara’s own low-budget effort (which we covered in Part 3 of our Christmas recap) it goes to show that a simpler approach can be incredibly effective if your heart is in the right place.

2019 has provided a bumper crop of entertaining marketing efforts. However, the Christmas advert 2019 results have also illuminated a crucial point. For marketing to work, we need to marry an entertaining ad with a strong, clear marketing message. Businesses like Aldi and Hafod Hardware have been able to combine enticing scenes with clear, simple marketing messages. Others, like John Lewis and Tesco, score highly when it comes to memorability. However, this doesn’t necessarily translate into sales or even increased brand awareness.

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