Rainbow Drops: Interior Colour Trends for 2014

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Now that we’re almost a month into the new year, we thought the time was ripe to take a look at the colour trends predicted to emerge throughout the other eleven. Colour and its use is at the heart of any design agency’s products, so seeing how it’s going to be applied in people homes is especially interesting to us. Let’s see what people are saying!


Starting things off with a generous twenty colours, Houzz’s Jennifer Ott groups their colours into four distinct palettes. They range from watery blues paired with bright, summery greens and yellows to a variety of neutral tones paired with a rich oxblood (albeit tempered with just a hint of pink.) The emerging trends here seem to be an emphasis on neutral tones with splashes of bold shades and subdued, natural colours.

Benjamin Moore

Like Houzz, paint company Benjamin Moore presents us with a wide range of colours which will define the year ahead. There is a tendency towards neutrals once more, with what Benjamin Moore calls ‘hints, whispers, tints of colour.’ For this company, strong shades have been rejected in favour of much lighter touches. You aren’t wanting for choice, however. On display are soft pinks, soothing greens, cool blues and dreamy purples.

Where Houzz favours neutral tones counterbalanced by lurid, in your face colours, Benjamin Moore is more subdued, favouring the subtle and the understated.

Farrow & Ball

English manufacturer Farrow & Ball explicitly draws inspiration from the natural world. Soft, non-confrontational shades abound: charming greens, blues, and a variety of greys that complement one another surprisingly well. Yet mixed in with these softer colours are deeper tones than the ones Benjamin Moore espoused: deep blacks and blues. The overall effect is certainly strong, but without being overwhelming.


Dulux’s predicted trends are far more adventurous than their fellow painters, covering a broad range of tastes. They range from the deeply understated to the vivid and off the wall, the colours seemingly leaping out at us in bold, provocative statements. Yet there is still room for neutrals, with some of Dulux’s palettes comprised of nothing but softer shades: hints of violet, green and grey.


Our overall impression for 2014 is one of supreme understatement. For most manufacturers, strong, garish tones are out, with a tendency towards the calming, the quiet and the relaxed. In most instances, truly strong tones are used in isolation from these lighter touches, albeit with the strongest colours the exception rather than the rule.

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