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Apple’s latest operating system for phones, iOS 7, is set to launch this autumn with the beta recently released to developers. As well as a graphical overhaul, it introduces a set of new features like Control Centre, (which gives you quick access to settings like Wi-Fi, music and your camera) Notification Centre (which tells you about new mail and missed calls) and Multitasking (which lets you switch between apps more easily.) What’s more, an informal poll shows that 95% of iOS developers are working to update their apps for iOS 7.

But what has the reaction from the Internet been?

Jay Yarow: After two full days with the software, I have to say I think it’s excellent. It looks good, and more importantly, it works very well. It’s changing how I use the iPhone for the better.

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Ewan Spence: When iOS 7 comes out of beta, when it debuts on the device, Apple will not only have their new UI polished and pixel perfect on the platform, they’ll also know that the majority of Apps in the App Store will not only be suitable for iOS 7, but they’ll look the part, be stable, and have had a recent update taking care of any small issues.

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Rene Ritchie: From icons to interface elements to typography, we seem to be getting a very rare glimpse at a very early work-in-progress, and something that still needs of a second coat of design paint.

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Andreas Göldi: A few minutes after installing the IOS 7 beta I just knew I needed to switch to Android.I have found myself using more and more Google apps on my iPhone over the past 18 months or so. Google Maps replaced (surprise) Apple Maps, Gmail replaced Apple Mail, Chrome replaced Safari. I did voice search through Google’s search app, not Siri. And so on. Why? Because Google’s services are not only much more powerful but also very neatly integrated.

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Joshua Topolsky: The icons are striking to see, and they’re the first sign that there are points of confusion and even missteps in Apple’s new approach.

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So far, then, opinion seems mostly positive with the underlying suspicion that the design has been released in a slightly unfinished state…and that in some cases the OS is a step backwards. What do you think? Are you excited for iOS 7?

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