stop being anti-social seminar

electric at leeds business week

This year’s Leeds Business Week ran from the 9th to the 12th October and for the first time, electric was part of the weeklong event.

Our Head of Digital, Steve, and Digital Marketing Manager, Sarah, held the seminar “Stop Being Anti-Social” on Tuesday the 10th October.

during the seminar we

So quite a busy schedule and we hope everyone who could make it enjoyed it.

here are some highlights from the event

We’ve got some live action shots of the event.

stop being anti-social seminar introduction slide

It begins …


signs of anti-social behaviour

one of the 4 anti-social signs


Steve at Stop being anti-social seminar

Steve wowing the audience

sarah at anti-social seminar

Sarah going through the electric approach

The audience in the obligatory photo. They were thrilled as you can tell:

stop being anti-social seminar audience picture

stop being anti-social audience pic. Thrilled!

After the QnA of the seminar, we then went to celebrate a job well-done. With a pizza party! How else do you celebrate?

pizza from Pizza Express

Pizza party time


The preparation for the seminar was truly a team effort though. Everything from the presentation slides, our promo banner and new colourful business cards were all crucial for the success of the seminar. Plus the whole team was very supportive, while the seminar was being prepared, during the seminar itself and during the QnA session afterwards.

A big “Thank You!” for all the support!!

Also a big thanks to Yorkshire Mafia for hosting this annual business event and giving local businesses like us the opportunity to share ideas and know-how.

missed it? no problem

If you’re interested in how to “Stop being anti-social” or want some tips on optimising your social media output, then you can get in touch with us today either through our contact us page or via our social media channels:

Also, we’ll be making the chapters of our seminar available asap, so watch this space to hear all about creating an effective social media strategy.