christmas adverts roundup 2017

As November rolls on, it’s time for the Christmas adverts! For this year’s seasonal event, retailers are pulling out all the stops to tug at our heartstrings and pull us into their stores as well.

In this article we’ll be taking a look at some of the major Christmas adverts, and the kinds of stories they’re trying to tell.

We’re also going to have a poll on our Twitter channel , so once you have your favourite, vote for the ad that brings you the most Christmas cheer on Twitter.

john lewis moz the monster

Probably the most anticipated advert of them all is this year’s John Lewis Christmas ad. Most years John Lewis is the clear Christmas ad winner, so it’s no wonder that the company used hashtags and teasers to get our interest peaked. Days before the ad ran there was #UnderTheBed2017  hinting at what the ad would be about and it successfully trended on Twitter.

It premiered during Channel 4’s Googlebox on Friday the 10th November, but was already being discussed and watched via social media since that Friday morning. The John Lewis ad is such an annual event that Myvouchercodes hired a group of students to create a £700 version of it. Overall there are still mixed reviews of the ad. Many marketers are praising it, while others feel that the brand could be a bit more daring.

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marks & spencer’s christmas visitor

While there was a lot of hype about John Lewis, first out the gate this year was beloved retailer Marks and Spencer partnering with an icon of children’s literature.

Paddington welcomed Christmas in typical Paddington style with misunderstandings, slapstick and a heart of gold.

Marks and Spencer positions itself as a beloved part of the British retail landscape. Therefore, it made sense for them to feature Paddington in their adverts; both are loved (or at least well-known) in their respective areas. Plus the positive reviews of Paddington 2, which hit the cinemas a few days after the ad aired helped boost excitement.

Do you #LoveTheBear?

aldi’s carrot love story

German supermarket Aldi has gone from maligned budget option to the fifth-largest grocer in the country. Last year, they won our hearts with the intrepid Kevin the

Last year, they won our hearts with the intrepid Kevin the Carrot and this year Kevin returns to find love aboard a magical steam train.

Aldi’s more humorous take on their advertising is in line with their history as the underdog of UK supermarkets.

The reappearance of Kevin, though, suggests their adverts are gaining the kudos of their competitors; Aldi is the kind of supermarket you want to see a Christmas advert for. They also seem to be moving away from their acknowledgment of other retails (however good natured that may be). Now, Aldi is a brand that can stand on its own two feet.

Did #KevinTheCarrot win your heart over this year?

debenhams find your fairytale christmas

Debenhams hasn’t settled for 1 advert, but 2 (though it’s a tale of two parts really). Plus the company used two teaser ads with #YouShall to build anticipation for it.

Using the classic Cinderella story, the ad shows two people meeting on a train with the woman having to dash-off and losing her sparkly shoe before they can exchange details.

Keen to find his love interest, the hero of the story uses social networking to find her, but it’s pure coincidence (or fairytale fate) that brings them together on a snow-covered hill.Many people are praising this modernised fairytale ad as the one that beat John Lewis.

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waitrose in a snowed-in christmas

Waitrose’s Christmas ad premiered during the X-Factor live show on the 12th November and is about a group of villagers meeting up for a Christmas drink in a remote pub in the Yorkshire Dales (The Tan Inn near Richmond). The weather takes a turn for the worst leaving the group snowed in and unable to get home to their families in time for Christmas.

The group then decides to make the most of an unfortunate situation and bands together to enjoy a Christmas feast. The tale matches the used hashtag ‘#ComingTogether’ well and champions spending time together (while eating good food – preferably from Waitrose).

A different Christmas ad, but is it enough to win you over?

sainsbury’s every bit of christmas

Sainsbury’s Christmas advert is a heartfelt singalong wherein staff and the general public show how they ‘live well’ during the holidays. This ties into Sainsbury’s overarching brand strategy of ‘live well, for less’ by featuring real live people and stories.

There is currently some criticism of the ad, as it’s very different to last year’s advert of a time-starved Dad trying to spend quality time with his family so creates toy versions of himself to get work done.

Overall though #everybitofChristmas is receiving praise for going with an approach that celebrates family traditions and habits over Christmas rather than trying to be a pure tear-jerker ad. Is the fun sing-along your Christmas ad favourite of 2017?

tesco everyone’s welcome

Tesco’s ad called ‘ Turkey, Every Which Way’ keeps the turkey at the heart of the ad and shows how every family cooks their turkey differently, but that turkey is what we have in common.

The idea was to highlight that even though everyone is different, everyone can enjoy a tasty turkey at Christmas and Tesco accompanies the ad with some handy recipes for turkey.

However, the ad has had mixed reviews and quite a strong backlash on social media. The ad itself features families from many backgrounds including a Muslim family, yet Tesco doesn’t stock halal turkey thereby excluding this community. Others have criticised #everyoneswelcome for the fact it features a Muslim family at Christmas time in the first place, but a lot of people have spoken out and thanked Tesco for championing inclusiveness.

Is #everyoneswelcome a winner for you?

the fox and the mouse

The day before the official John Lewis Christmas advert was revealed, a fake one was fooling people across social media. The heartfelt tale of a fox and a mouse becoming unlikely friends was in-line with past John Lewis advert styles and featured the John Lewis logo at the end, but was, in fact, a student’s labour of love in homage to the brand.

Though not an official ad, we believe it should be in the running for best ad, as it’s ticking a lot of favourite Christmas advert must-have boxes.

Are you a fan of #TheFoxandTheMouse?

key takeaways this christmas:

From our Christmas adverts round-up, we’re taking away the following ad trends for the year.


·   This year brands moved away from purely branded hashtags and instead have created at least one hashtag to promote their adverts.

·   The creativity of the hashtag is becoming a vital part of the overall Christmas adverts.


·   It’s yet to be seen if John Lewis will win the battle of the Christmas adverts, but one thing’s for sure, it’s certainly won the battle of the advert teasers.

·   Debenhams did a good job with #YouShall shorts, but hype was largest around the sneak peaks and trending #UnderTheBed2017.

integrated approach

·   What all Christmas adverts have in common is an integrated approach. The adverts are never alone. Whether they tie into old favourites like Aldi or ensure there’s more than one way to

engage with the advert (like with the Moz The Monster toy by John Lewis), all brands ensure multiple communication touchpoints.

hashtag battle status:

At electric we like to understand and analyse different marketing methods. As well as asking you for your votes on this year’s Christmas adverts, we also want to see if there’s a match-up between overall opinion and the hastags used.

So, we’re going to start keeping an eye on overall hashtag popularity.

Updates will follow, so stay tuned for this and further analysis of the Christmas advert winners of 2017.

Here’s the current populatiry status as of the 13th November.

 ·  #ComingTogether: 31.9 

 ·  #KevinTheCarrot: 29.8 

 ·  #EveryonesWelcome: 23.4 

 ·  #MozTheMonster: 20.4 

  · #LoveTheBear : 20.4

 ·  #YouShall: 13.5 

 ·  #everybitofChristmas: N/A — too soon for data 

 ·  #thefoxandthemouse: N/A — too soon for data 

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