What is Linkee?


Family games are great, but there’s a lot of stuff to get out of the way first. Setting up the board. Shuffling the cards. Arguing who gets to be the car. And then you’ve got to worry about the questions: what happens when you run out of them? If you’ve got to answer that question on Elvis again you’ll have to leave the room for a bit. Take some deep breaths.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a game that solved all these problems? Oh, wait. There is. It’s this one.

Electric is pleased to be working with Linkee: it’s one of those games that attracts words like “easy to learn” and “family friendly.” There’s no waiting around for someone to roll a dice and inexplicably get married, there’s no arguing over pieces and there’s no puzzling over long, complicated sheets of instructions only an electrical engineer could work out. Oh, you want us to explain how it works? Go on, then.

Okay. You split into teams of two (five or more is best, but you can just about get by with two or three) and each team gets a pad of paper and a pencil. Then, the quizmaster takes a deck of cards conveniently placed in the Linkee box, draws the top card and reads out the questions. There’s four of them on each card, and a clue to help you out.

A clue, I hear you cry? Yes, because this is the clever bit: the answers to the questions all have something in common. It could be anything: a colour, a type of food…but we’re getting ahead of ourselves. The key isn’t to shout out the answers to the questions: keep that under your hat! You don’t want to give the game away, do you? No, the key is to work out what links all the answers to the questions, and call that out. You can get the clue if you’re really stuck…but that won’t happen, right? Not to a boffin like you.

Now, once you think you’ve worked out the link, just shout LINKEE! If you’re right, then you get the card and bragging rights to the other team. See how there’s a letter on the back of the card? There’s different letters on the back of each one, and- you guessed it! The first team to spell out LINKEE wins the game. Congratulations.

Have you got it? There are a few other rules and things to think about, but it’s not that hard. We’re sure Linkee will be the family game you never knew you needed until you picked it up.

Or the car disappeared under the sofa.


Linkee is available to buy here at the very reasonable price of £19.99!

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