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(Header image: Diana Beltran Herrera)

Most people’s experience of paper folding starts and ends with origami…and an endless parade of paper cranes. Considering how much we struggle with even the simpler designs, we’re flabbergasted by the dedication and skill on show here.

Diana Beltran Herrera is the creator of a gorgeous range of hyper-realistic birds made almost entirely from paper. All the birds are life-size too, which impacts the time spent on each bird accordingly. A small bird can take six sheets of paper and five days work, while something larger like an eagle can means as much as 15 sheets of paper and two weeks of dedication.

Source: Diana Beltran Herrera

Source: Diana Beltran Herrera

To make the birds, Diana undertakes extensive research: looking at photos, trying to see the birds in the wild, and even speaking to ornithologists and bird-watching groups. She then begins glueing the feathers onto the paper base of the bird: the feathers are made out of meticulously scored art paper, shaped to whatever shape the bird requires. The results are detailed, vibrant, and surprisingly lifelike.

Source: Diana Beltran Herrera

Source: Diana Beltran Herrera

Like our friend Thomas Poulsom, Diana’s collection of paper birds is both diverse and beautiful. Head on over to her website to see the full collection.

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