The Suite Life: Spend a Night at the Bauhaus

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The Bauhaus was a legendary German design school in the 20th century, open for a little over ten years until a tense political situation took its toll. Famed for its contribution to Modernist architecture and design, the Bauhaus strived to reflect the unity of the arts in the material world, and hosted a number of specialised workshops in areas such as typography, weaving and even metalwork. The school closed in 1933, but its Dessau campus has been preserved as a museum…and now, as it turns out, a hotel!

According to Dezeen, visitors to the Dessau campus can book one of 28 rooms in the school’s Studio Building. While one room has been reconstructed, the others have been furnished with what we’re assuming are the genuine articles of their previous occupants.

Single rooms are just €35 a night (about £29.) Double rooms cost €60 (about £50.)

Judging by the sparseness of the rooms, it’s certainly a way to live history, if not necessarily enjoy it. If you’d like to spend a night in this historic German building, you can make a booking here.

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