The Brick Testament: Ludicrous Lego Creations

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Who doesn’t love Lego? The toy for which creativity is king is something everyone knows about. Lego has hundreds of sets, dozens of ranges, and even a film (starring Morgan Freeman!) on the horizon. But outside of the pre-fabricated sets, what else can you do with the toy? Quite a lot, as these amazing models demonstrate.

lego robin

Source: The Guardian

This adorable bird is the product of Thomas Poulsom, a professional tree surgeon with a clear eye for detail. But his talents don’t end here: he’s made a complete range of birds from around the world, and he’s even trying to get them made into official sets via Lego’s Cuusoo website…responsible for an officially licensed Back to the Future Delorean! Head over to the Cuusoo website to see the rest of his feathered friends for yourself.

Source: Mashable

Source: Mashable

This isn’t an X-wing fighter made out of giant Lego bricks: it’s an X-wing fighter made out of miniature Lego bricks! Built to promote a new animated series on Cartoon Network, it contains 5,335,200 pieces, weighs 20,856 kg and took about four months to put together, according to IGN. No word on how easy it is to put away once you’re done playing with it…

indiana jones

Source: Flickr

These adorable little scenes are put together by one Nick Desimone. It’s a testament to his skills that he can capture such iconic scenes with such minimalistic use of Lego. The complete range is over on his Flickr page: how many can you name?

Lego N64


Ah, the Nintendo 64. Home to such classics as Super Mario 64, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and now…a giant robot! For this model actually transforms into a brick-based battle droid, Optimus Prime style.



But that’s not all. The robot’s father, one Baron von Brunk, also made a transforming N64 controller…



and a transforming Donkey Kong game cartridge!

Donkey Kong

Source: Instructables

You probably can’t play N64 games on it, but you’ll be so busy playing with the set itself you’ll barely notice.



This microscope isn’t just a pretty face (though it is pretty.) It’s a fully functioning microscope that can actually be used to magnify things placed in the petri dish. Pretty impressive, eh? You won’t necessarily be doing scientific research with this thing, but as a testament to the power of brick, it’s a marvel.

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