Spice Up Your Content: Lessons Learned from the KBB Sector

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At Electric, one of the areas we’ve worked in longest is the KBB sector- providing both trade and the end user with bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms. With clients like Moores and JPD under our belt, it’s something we’ve learned a lot from over the years. Here are some lessons we feel you can apply across all areas of product marketing.


Create a sense of aspiration.

Advertising is idealism- a picture perfect view of the world. Even if marketer and consumer alike knows this, it’s useful… because it gives the latter a target to shoot for. Filling your website with aspirational images sells your product by giving your customer a sense of how they look in situe. A glamorous image also puts across a crucial point- that the customer can achieve what’s in the picture by buying what you’re selling.

The site we designed for Moores is packed with aspirational images; showing the kitchens and bathrooms once installed not only shows off the product, but instils that sense of possibility in the consumer… particularly in the Shades range, aimed at the end user.


Emphasise the positive aspects of the product.

Every product has- or should have- a unique selling point that you use to promote it. But hopefully there’s more than one, and it’s important to place them front and centre in your content. Look at your product and think about what makes it stand out. Then, make sure that’s highlighted in any accompanying content.


Get key information on the page.

Customers never want to go into a purchase blind- and this is especially true when making a major purchase like a kitchen. That’s why, for the Kitchens Instock website, we made sure to get crucial information on the web page. Details like dimensions, finish and even recommended water pressure might seem boring, or obvious. But having this prominently displayed gives your customers peace of mind, and lets them make an informed decision.


Think about your product or service in its entirety.

When we sell kitchens, we’re selling many different pieces of a greater whole. Whatever you sell, it’s worth thinking about other relevant products… and grouping them accordingly. Include links to other products that go with the one on the product page, and consider any bundles you can put together.

For Kitchens Instock, we add relevant links to each product page- a worktop, for instance, is accompanied by matching upstands and breakfast bars for that added ease of use. The site also offers matching sinks and taps, as well as sink and tap packs to make the buying experience all the easier.


Take pride in your achievements… and your advantages.

We don’t advocate direct criticism of competitors… but there’s nothing wrong with singing your own praises. We set up a price comparison between Instock and our competitors on the Kitchens Instock website- a great way of demonstrating the savings you could make with an Instock kitchen. With price at the forefront of many customers’ minds, making a big deal of your (low) prices is a solid strategy.


By thinking about your product or service’s key features- and how their functionality overlaps- you can begin writing content with a clearer sense of direction. Keep your eye on the Electric blog for more great content in the coming weeks.

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