Project Mighty: A Cloud in the Palm of your Hand


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Adobe have recently unveiled two unusual new products which might be of interest to all you hip young creatives: a tablet stylus powered by the cloud. Project Mighty (and its friend, Project Napoleon) are two pieces of hardware which could make creating things on tablets a lot more intuitive.

Typically, a tablet is touted more as a device for consumption rather than creation, but Project Mighty seems to be bridging that gap rather elegantly. Mighty, at first glance, looks like a rather swanky stylus for capacitative touch screens. But it’s a comprehensive drawing tool: pressure sensitive and connected to the Cloud, allowing you to import colour palettes, brushes and even copy (and paste) your drawings from one device to another. The pen is clearly designed to feel like a luxury product: according to Behance, the finished product is made of bead-blasted aluminium, and designed to feel good in your hands. For better or worse, it kind of reminds us of those rubber grips you attached to pens in primary school.

As well as Project Mighty, Adobe have been working on Project Napoleon: what seems like a rudimentary, ill-fitting ruler. However, as this video demonstrates, it’s actually a pretty clever little tool: it aids in your drawing of lines to produce a line that’s a lot neater than normal.

Overall, Project Mighty and Project Napoleon are a good test case for the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover.” What seem like fairly bog-standard pieces of hardware could open up a whole new world of creativity on tablets. There’s no news yet on a release date, but hopefully it should a mass-market release soon.

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