Music to our Ears: Sound Wave Jewellery


Continuing the ‘wow! This thing is really cool’ trend well into 2014, we’re pleased to tell you about a new oddity: jewellery formed from sound waves.

The website,, creates necklaces and bracelets using the patterns generated by sound waves in an audio recording. The resulting product is made from plywood, acrylic or metal and is available in several different colours.

Creating the recording is surprisingly simple, too: you can record one online, using your smartphone or even an open source audio editor like Audacity.



Apparently shorter, spoken audio samples are most effective, which is appropriate considering how personalised something like this is. A cappella songs work well too.

Although other items like the key rings can be pretty pricey for what they are,we still think this is a fantastic idea and an inventive use of a technological oddity. Check it out for yourself here.



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