Kickstarter Successes, Large and Small


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Have you heard of Kickstarter? If not, we’re surprised: it’s proven itself as an amazingly successful platform to crowdsource funding for people’s creative projects. Here’s a sampling of the products people have managed to secure funding for using the website.




Source: Kickstarter

Pressy is a little button that plugs into the headphone port on your Android phone. By pressing the button in different combinations, you can activate many different shortcuts: say you want to take a picture, or turn on your flashlight without having to scroll through your list of apps. Pressy will bypass all that in favour of one (or more) clicks, saving you a lot of time with an elegant, unobtrusive solution. Pressy is accompanied by an app which lets you customise the button to do whatever you need it to. You can even use the media button on your headphones if you’re listening to music at the same time.

Pressy had a goal of $40,000 for its initial production run, but it’s exploded in popularity, receiving over $600,000 in pledges over its 47-day  funding period. At the time of writing, Pressy has six days of funding left to run, so head on over to see its Kickstarter page for yourself!


Hyper Light Drifter

This haunting, atmospheric video game is the product of development studio Heart Machine, and an action RPG in the vein of classics like The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. As a mysterious wanderer stricken by an insatiable disease, you must travel into the Lands of Buried Time to find a cure, facing ancient machinery and terrifying monsters in the process. The game was asking for $27,000, but has managed to secure just under half a million…perhaps helped by the presence of composer Disasterpiece, who worked on indie darling Fez before this game. Check out its Kickstarter page for more information: when we wrote this article, the project had four days of funding left.



Source: Kickstarter

Source: Kickstarter

This album is the product of one Jeph Jacques, author of long-running webcomic Questionable Content (some content may be Not Safe For Work.) It’s instrumental heavy metal, features seven songs and has been ridiculously popular, securing $140,000 over a 30-day period. This project has closed its funding period, but you can check out its Kickstarter page and even listen to Jacques’ earlier work here.


The Black Mudpuppy

Not all successful Kickstarters have to earn money in the hundreds of thousands. The Black Mudpuppy is a very silly webcomic starring Xolotl, Aztec God of the Underworld. Stripped of his godly powers, Xolotl dons a mask and suit and fights evil as the Black Mudpuppy, facing such nefarious evildoers as The Invisible Deathmute and Hitlersaurus. Its creator, Ethan Kocak, took to Kickstarter to fund a printed collection of his work and came away with a very respectable $2,251 (the original goal was $1,500.) Read the webcomic yourself here, and check out his Kickstarter page.


Railway Wagons

Kickstarter can be used to fund more unusual projects, and this is one of them. Richard Dallimore used Kickstarter to fund a line of wagon kits for use on model railways, trying to fill some gaps in what is an enormous market. The project squeaked past its goal of £3,000, and should be made available to the general public in the future. Have a look at its Kickstarter page for more details.


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