How Can a Great Marketing Plan Help Your Business?

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A marketing plan isn’t just useful; it’s essential.

At Electric, we frequently juggle different content types for our clients. If you’re trying to make your voice heard, the thought of having to maintain multiple social media accounts can be overwhelming.

But don’t worry; if you’ve got Twitter posts, email campaigns and blog posts to arrange, a marketing plan makes posting it all as easy as pie. And a great example of this is one of our own clients; a bakery from the heart of Yorkshire.

Lottie Shaw’s is a baked-goods manufacturer with a heritage stretching back four generations. Owned and managed by Charlotte Shaw, they produce sweet treats inspired by her great-grandmother’s recipe, including flapjack, shortbread and their signature Yorkshire parkin. Many of their products are sold as gifts or in hampers, making a comprehensive online campaign a must.

Lottie Shaw's products are bought for a variety of occasions, making a robust online strategy essential.

Lottie Shaw’s products are sold for a variety of occasions.

When Lottie Shaw’s approached us to build their new site and manage their online marketing, we worked together to create a marketing plan that would maximise their presence. Here are some tips you can follow when organising your own blogs, social media posts and other online content.

We recommend creating a marketing plan in a spreadsheet using software like Numbers or Excel. Another excellent option is Google Docs, especially if your plan will be viewed and changed by multiple people in different places.

Organise it By Type

For Lottie Shaw’s, our online marketing has a wide reach. It covers several social networks, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram; each of these makes excellent use of pictures, giving Lottie Shaw’s a big advantage when it comes to advertising her products and posting more personal content. We also create emailers for people who have subscribed to emails on the Lottie Shaw’s website.

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Good online marketing campaigns often go in several directions at once.

To ensure you’re using your content effectively (e.g. by posting it in the right place at the right time) give each channel its own row or column, clearly marked to avoid confusion.

Go Into Detail for Each Post

If you’re writing a marketing plan for multiple people (or for content well in advance- more on that later) you or someone else may not understand it down the line. This may be because the way you described the content is vague or simplistic, and what makes sense now may be incomprehensible six months down the line without context.


It’s easy to forget the nuances of a marketing plan without enough information. GIF via 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment on GIPHY.

We split the row for each online platform in two; one half says what the post is, while the other goes into detail on its format (e.g. an image-led promo with an offer code.) Having a clear understanding of what a piece of content is helps you (or a colleague) to put it together all the quicker, now or in the future.

Anticipate Special Events

A company like Lottie Shaw’s, where gifts are a big part of their business, can easily take advantage of special occasions like Christmas or Mother’s Day. So think about how your business can create content for Christmas, Valentine’s Day or Halloween. Come up with special offers, lighthearted social media posts or anything that both ties into your business and excites your target audience.

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Tying content updates to special events is an excellent strategy.

Try taking advantage of minor (yet well-known) events such as Pancake Day or Mother’s Day. Alternatively, you can highlight obscure and unusual events; there are many different ones worldwide, ranging from World Chocolate Day to the International Day of Happiness!

Of course, you can also highlight special events within your own business. Think about anything you want to highlight- such as product launches or new employees- and add it to the plan as you see fit.

Plan Ahead

We have planned content for Lottie Shaw’s well into the future- all the way into next year, in fact. By looking ahead as far as possible, you can create content ready for publication and send it out on time- a must when publishing on busy websites such as Twitter.

Creating an in-depth marketing plan ahead of time helps you to see just how much content you have in the pipeline. It also lets you identify any periods of time you don’t have content for, or if you need to spread it more evenly over a timespan. Collaborate with your client as much as possible; you will be able to both draw on their ideas and learn about anything they want to avoid discussing online.

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Time passes sooner than you think it does, especially when it comes to content publishing.

For more information on creating a marketing plan or managing your online presence, you can give us a call at 0113 287 9900.

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