Great Graphics! Neurocomic Gets Inside Our Heads

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If graphic novels like Maus, Persepolis and Logicomix have proven anything, it’s that the medium is ideal for explaining complex and difficult ideas. One of the latest additions to the already teetering pile of great comics is Neurocomic, a graphic novel that goes inside that greatest of mysteries: the human brain.

A collaboration between artist Matteo Farinella and neuroscientist Dr. Hana Ros, Neurocomic represents the brain as a bizarre Wonderland of mental paraphernalia. Neurons become towering forests, currents become an old-fashioned telephone switchboard. A giant squid attacks a submarine for as yet unknown purposes.

The book has a greater goal beyond drawing on the brain’s architecture for artistic reasons. Neurocomic is supported by the Wellcome Trust, a charitable organisation dedicated to improving health, both human and animal. Its subject matter is appropriate, too, in an era when ageing populations and mental health issues are an ongoing concern.

Neurocomic has a stark, effective black-and-white art direction. Source:

Neurocomic has a stark, effective black-and-white art direction. Source:

In short, Neurocomic looks to be an offbeat and informative piece of literature that we can’t wait to see for ourselves. If you’d like to read it yourself, you can buy it from several places including the publisher’s website, Nobrow.  


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