Facebook for Business: Possible Problems


So you’re thinking about giving your business a presence on Facebook…good stuff. But this doesn’t come without its fair share of problems: Take these issues into consideration before you take the plunge into this murky- albeit bustling- pool of social media.

In order for your Facebook page to be set up and be worthwhile in the long run, it requires a lot of attention trained on it by one or more employees. You also need to add new posts and respond to comments by users on a regular basis…otherwise, your page risks looking outdated and irrelevant fairly quickly. The investment doesn’t end with the page’s creation or upkeep, either: advertising is one of the main ways businesses publicise their businesses on Facebook, which requires money investing in it. The number of social networks and the presence of other users (and businesses) can mean your adverts’ presence is diluted.

This brings us on to our next point: that a social media presence is in many ways a slow burn. It can take a long time for a social media presence to result in increased customers- and therefore, increased revenue. Attracting new fans can take a long time since Facebook users tend to use the platform to connect with friends and brands they’re already familiar with. They don’t tend to use it as a platform for seeking out new ones. Even then, getting them to interact with your page and comment on your page- not just like it- can be difficult. According to Sproutinsights, 2% of users who see a post (if not less) comment on it.

Finally, fan feedback to your page can be unpredictable and unknowable. Unless you’re friends with a user (which is unlikely) you won’t see any of their posts that aren’t related to your page. Moreover, it’s entirely plausible that users will post negative comments on your page, and you have to be ready to deal with that professionally and rationally. Deleting the offending posts is out of the question as it won’t make you look good at all.

With plenty of commitment required to your Facebook page, think carefully about whether a presence on the site is right for you.

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