Eyes Open: The Bradley Wristwatch

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It’s rare for someone to do something truly innovative with things like wristwatches, the impending glut of smart watches aside. But we think we’ve comes across one in the form of the Bradley, a wristwatch designed for use by the blind and seeing alike.

The Bradley is named after former soldier Bradley Snyder, who was blinded by an explosion in 2011 whilst serving in Afghanistan. Bradley went on to win gold and silver medals in swimming at the 2012 Paralympic Games, and provided feedback on this innovative new timepiece.

The Bradley is designed as an understated watch that lets the visually impaired check the time without calling attention to their disability. There are no hands on the Bradley: instead, there are two ball bearings, one running around a track inside the watch face, the other running around the edge. The former represents minutes passed, the latter the hours.

Though aimed at the visually impaired, the Bradley is being treated as a stylish, offbeat choice for those with perfect vision too. That said, we do wonder how easy it is to use as a sighted person: while the minute ball-bearing is easy to see, the hour ball-bearing may not be so easily seen without twisting your wrist around. Still, without having a watch to hand we can’t confirm this: it’s still a thoughtful piece of design that we hope finds great success.

Due to some confusion surrounding this article, we felt we should clarify that Electric does not sell, or is affiliated with, this product.

We think it’s pretty cool, though.

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