Electric Dragons: Prizewinners Decided!

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After much argument and meditation (but relatively small amounts of fire-breathing) we here at Electric have settled on not one, but two winners of our Electric Dragons competition! Inspired by a certain entrepreneurial TV show, Electric called on the world to put forward their business ideas, with the best winning a free business startup. We had entries from across the globe, including people are far away as the United States! The decision-making process was both long and arduous, but after much difficulty we settled on a couple of ideas we felt merited further development.

We narrowed down our extensive list of entries to a shortlist of just seven candidates. Once this was established, we went through each individual entry, weighing up the pros and cons of each entry, judging it on criteria like viability and assigning each idea a numerical score. The shortlisting phase of the competition consisted of a solid two weeks: we even pushed back the announcement by a week to ensure we were really able to sink our teeth into the ideas and make an informed decision.

From the shortlisting phase, we eventually whittled the list down to just two entries. Here, we faced a Gordian Knot of a problem: how to pick from two entries of such obvious quality? In the end, we made like Alexander the Great and cut the problem in two: we would simply have two winners, with whom we would work with in the early stages of their business.

Details about the winners will be forthcoming, but for now rest assured we’re very excited about the ideas we’ll be working on. Specials thanks must go out to all the people who entered: we had some tough choices to make and we wish them all the best in their future endeavours. In any case, this has been a hugely successful chapter in Electric’s long history, and one we hope to return to in the future.

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