After the Battle: A Recap of Linkee’s Dragon’s Den Appearance


The beady-eyed (and eared) amongst you will have known Linkee, the world’s first crowdsourced card game, appeared on Dragon’s Den this week along with its three creators. Despite an offer from Duncan Bannatyne of £50,000 (for 40% of the business) the trio declined the money and walked out of the Den empty-handed. Co-inventor Dean Tempest’s comments that Linkee is “the black sheep of quiz games” seems to be borne out by their decision.

The pitch got started with a demonstration of how the game worked, to great success. The trio went on to talk about how successful the game had been so far, and then opened the floor up to questions from the Dragons. Peter Jones then went on to talk hard numbers, suggesting that despite its success, profits for the game weren’t as high as the trio might have hoped. He also explained that succeeding in the world of board and card games was extremely difficult, and that not even he had done well in it.

Peter’s subsequent jump out of the deal (and prior board game experience) unsettled Kelly Hoppen, who dropped out citing inexperience in board games. Piers and Deborah quickly followed, following Peter’s reasoning that making money from the game was too tricky.

As their last hope for investment, Duncan Bannatyne asked the trio what was the best deal they could offer. Eventually, they settled on 40% of the business for £50,000…an offer that, without much negotiation, the trio declined.

Despite the frosty reception the game received, we’re pleased to tell you the game is doing brilliantly. There are loads of different places stocking the game, and we’ve worked out that traffic to Linkee’s website has gone up by 9000% (insert Dragon Ball or Bravest Warriors joke here.) Still, we’d love it if you could help them out (and help prove the Dragons wrong) with a purchase: they’re even offering free delivery for a limited time. Head over to the official Linkee website to pick one up!


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