Once upon a time, there was a company calledtitle-logo

It started out small, and then blossomed into an award-winning design and marketing agency with over twenty years experience.

The Electric Design Company

What do we do?

We help companies tell their own stories. We’ll help you tell the world what you’ve got to offer as a business. We’ll create a brand that’s a perfect fit for you. We’ll take care of all your brochure and print requirements. We’ll build you your very own website and we’ll keep you plugged into social networks. We’ll make it easy for people to find your business…and understand what you do.

So pick up the phone and give us a call. We’ll work with you towards your very own happily ever after.

0113 287 9900 info@electric-design.co.uk @electric_agency

Established in Leeds in 1991, we're a full-service design and marketing agency with a client portfolio that reflects our expertise. And we are experts - every member of the team is a specialist in their field. But we don't go blinding people with science, using agency speak in some pretentious attempt to impress. That's just not our style. In fact, we much prefer to let our work do the talking (although we're always up for a quick gossip about last night's telly).

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